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Wednesday, 11 November 2009


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Beautiful picture. Is that wood? Is that your work?

Miss you lots!

I get a big kick out of the idea of trying to remember the "advice" given on your wedding day and changing/guessing/adding to it. That's awesome. :) And a wee little shopping cart? Awwwww, I saw a little shopping cart at World Market one time, I drooled but passed by.
Seems like you could do a whole bit for the shopping cart of life, fill it with little phrases and quotes and love notes etc.
I love facebook as well. I've said it before, I'll say it again, I've seen more family photos in one year since joining facebook than I have 10 years prior, no joke. haha There's something about the ease of it, for people to post photos and stuff. Very cool.
Do you have a facebook fanpage for SmallStudio?

That is good wedding advice! Love the little shopping cart - and love the wall too! Looks like it's padded? Like I could run up and throw my body against it and I would just bounce off? My kids would love that - oh heck, I would too!!!

oh i love that shopping cart story! i think we can all use good advice like that.

Tace: The little shopping cart did come from World Market. When I had my store we had a party annually for our top 25 customers and the #1 customer received the "Shopping Cart" award which was one of these little carts filled with coupons and goodies and their name where the ads usually are on a real cart. Few showed their husbands the award. I wonder why!

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