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Monday, 07 December 2009


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Ahh gee, sounds like the scene from a "feel good" movie but it was a day from your life! How awesome is that? I am jealous of the impromptu Barbershop quartet concert you got to hear. I suppose instead of being jealous that no one ever sings out loud near me in stores, wowing me with their talent, I could always become the singer! And give someone else that experience...only thing missing is the talent. Lots of enthusiasm doesn't hide lack of musical talent... :P
I love days like you're describing where everything slides into place. Yours sounds like it was a lot of fun, thannnnnk-you for sharing!

That sounds like a great day... especially the barbershop quartet! I write the long family letters and only receive a few from friends and family. I love reading them, I wish everyone did them! I have all of ours archived, it's a great reference for knowing what the kids (and us) did each year.

what a grand day and the Santa's singing was delightful. Glad your enjoyed yourselves together and got some of your shopping completed. Love reading your posts, I can so relate to most of them. enjoy the holidays. Peggy

We were finishing supper at the new Five Guys hamburger joint when we noticed someone moving tables and helping an older gentleman set up a drum set. Before we knew what was happening they rolled in a grand piano and in walks Paul McCartney! Paul McCartney!! He sat down and began to play my favorite Beatles song: "Maybe I'm Amazed" - looking over at the drummer we realized that it was the one and only Ringo Starr and our server was Pete Best!

What do you mean "older gentleman"????
Gosh, oh gee, luft, you have the best experiences.

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