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Wednesday, 09 December 2009


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The yountest gets to wear the Santa's Helper hat and pass out all the presents at our house.

We always have chocolate dipped apricots for my Lebanese son-in-law and his littel Lebicans..(mom is American and dad is Lebanese=Lebicans.)

Bill always makes his specialty Chili and Pumpkin pies for the day after Christmas so we just graze throughout the day.

Everyone makes fun of me because it takes me forever to set up the family picture. This year I will amaze them with my new camera!

Be Well and Be Good to Each Other,


♥♥Lιƒє мυѕт вє Liνєd αѕ ρLαу. ♥♥

We always play a game involving gag gifts. They are all wrapped and we roll a pair of dice, trying for a 7 or 11. If one of those numbers is thrown the the person takes a gift. This continues 'til all gifts are taken. Then the unveiling of the gifts takes place. We continue to roll the dice and when a 7 or 11 is rolled the person can "steal" a gift from someone. We've done this with the extended family since I was a child. It's a hoot to see what everyone's come up with. We've had the same fruitcake appear for 5 years running! An 8-track tape player with 8-track tapes was a big hit one year along with a toilet seat clock and a mooing cookie jar in the shape of a barn. I spend hours hunting down the "best" gag gifts. It's a hoot and we love it!

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