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Sunday, 31 January 2010


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I would scream....to have one of those....they look amazing!!! I hope that he will gift you with one soon!!!

I bought a truly vintage looking wooden tool box at Menard's!!! Yes, it is really cool, and very authentic looking. You should check it out, John's is very near to it...without the middle section, 6 smaller, 3 large drawers, and the top locks.

The "5" is probably a surprise and now you've seen it! Probably to give to you "on" your b-day!

Maybe making the 'other' pillow?

The photo of the gauges on the shelf looks like an art card or postcard in it's self!!!
Another reason I love reading blogs is getting to see the cool stuff other artists are gathering up! Because there comes a point, that unless I get a hold of a cloning machine, I can't have it allllll. *sniff* There's so much awesomeness in the world! Who'd a thunk a shelf full of gauges would look so neat?
The oil cans in the back make me think of possible art doll possibilities.
One of these days you'll go into the work room and all of his items will have amassed together and turned themselves into a robot or something. :D
Be sure and get pics when they do ;)

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