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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


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must be a really good company - Gina "rossi" armfield wink

Hi Ginny
I bought and had restored an antique set of wooden flat files and they are awesome for my x-large sheets of papers - I also use printers trays inside them to store my jewellery finding - try ebay for an antique set if thats your look. xo

Yes, flat files are the way to go!
I have metal architect flat files that I bought from a used furniture store about 8 years ago. The unit is from the 1950's and is almost as tall as I am. Each drawer has a different color (bues, reds, etc) or theme (texts, Asian, etc).

Ginny - look at "Home Decorators" and key in map chests - they are not as expensive as some. I have coveted the oak one - someday! Lucy Harrison

My day job is in an engineering firm and we have both oak and steel flat files. Yes, the steel ones do slide a bit more easily, but the oak ones look sooooo much better. The vintage/antique drawers are so well made the sliding difference will be negligible.. and if you need a little extra glide, rub the sides with an old candle. Get the oak.. lucky girl!

We have metal flat files at school...they would be considered vintage now. They have a cool, industrial
look. The oak is warmer though. Good sources are companies like Dick Blick, Nasco, and Sax Arts and Crafts-they sell "studio furniture' for schools. All very sturdy to last a couple of generations! Dick Blick has
some nice birch files. Another good thing about flat files (beside the storage) is if you stack them worktable height-you have a worktable! Oh, and you can buy them by pieces and add them as can afford them.

I heard about used flat files from a retiring architect, but when I contacted him he had turned the remainder to an auction house. A friend said her husband had 5 sets of flat files in storage. He agreed to sell them to me (and 3 of my friends) for $75 for a 5 drawer section. Needless to say, I bought 2 sections. They are metal. Check drafting businesses, architects, auctions and places that sell liquidated items online. I know you, Ginny, and they will find YOU!!

Time flies like an arrow.
Fruit flies like a banana.

hi, i'm blog hopping tonight and i've never commented...so hello again. if you can be patient and peruse Craigslist daily...one or two will pop up every few months. I've seen them from 75-400. good luck with finding one!

They do come up for auction, so I would just ask everyone to keep and eye out for you.


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