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Wednesday, 03 February 2010


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Love it. They are perfect. The room looks so inviting! Such talent.

I would use pillow number one first.

your pillows look fantastic on those beds.....i love their graphicness (is that a word?!). but, now.....let's talk tapes!!! oh.my.goodness!!! that drawer filled with all of those fabulous tapes is a sight to behold! how could you possibly use them when they look so very happy just being pretty there in the drawer?!!

Hey! don't be blaming me, I only said that you NEEDED them. *snort*

I am too embarrassed to post my tape pictures. Including the ones I have for classes, it's just insane.

I am not an addict. I am not an addict.

Hmmmm tape hmmmmmm.... as Homer Simpson would say.... Nice pillows!

Your tape is GREAT! How very fun for you! Thanks for sharing your collection (s). My new thing is mailing labels. I saw some wrap-around ones I may need to purchase. Sigh.

OK, I saw the picture of all the rolls of tape and it actually took my breath away! LOL!!!!! I haven't admitted it to anyone, but I am all into tape now, too. Like I need to hoard one more thing. But, I really do use it. I found some of the 7Gypsies tape for 50% OFF at my LSS and I bought every roll they had. I blame you for all of this, you know. If I hadn't come to the first Art Continuum and visited Creative Block (my first "real" stamp store), I would probably be cross-stiching my way into my old age instead of having a studio I can hardly walk across without stepping on piles of stuff. LOL.

Great collection of tape. Definitely makes me want to add more to my own stash.

Holy Moly! I don't think I even realized there were soooooo many tapes out and about just waiting for crafty craving fingers to snatch up! They're really cool looking!
I confess my tapes are limited to packing tape and masking tape and a whole lotttttttttttttt of floral tape.
The pillows look great on the beds. I thought they looked great on the sofa too. :D That's the nice thing about a cool design element is I think you can't go wrong where ever you put it (she says wondering how they'd look piled in the middle of the table surrounded by the breakfast dishes...er, amend that to almost anywhere)

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