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Monday, 08 February 2010


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Happy 500!! Thanks for the fun giveaway :)
The reason I read blogs is for art inspiration, new ideas or techniques and sometimes I read blogs just to escape...love photos of beaches and wonderfully decorated rooms.

I read blogs because I can travel all over the world, "meet" new people, learn new things, and shop without leaving my house! (Although I like to
to do all those things in "real" life too.)

I read blogs because:

1. The articles/entries are self-published and therefore cheaper than print publications.

2. The articles/entries are self-published and therefore are not constrained to an editor's constraints.

3. The articles/entries are self-published allowing the author to be a tad more fearless.

4. The articles/entries are self-published and therefore are more widely and wildly diverse in their interests and focus.

5. The articles/entries are self-published which results in the "common demoniator" not being a factor.

6. The articles/entries are self-pubished and are therefore full of run on sentences, mis-speellings, worserer grammar then I had written so its fun to make fun of them and pooke fun at the silly opinons, cliches and so forth and so on but you know I am only kidding so just ignore number 6.

the reason I read blogs is..... For a lot of different reasons, eye candy, ideas, recipes, hearing about life through the eyes of others, to keep up with friends lives, meet new friends in far away places and not so far away places. But my main reason is for the exposure to like minded individuals and the friendships formed.

The reason I read blogs is for daily doses of inspiration. It started with stamping and mixed media-now I subscribe to those and home decorator blogs and blogs about simplifying life. I read blogs to be the best I can be at this stage in my life. And you get to laugh along the way, too!

The reason I read blogs is because they are an addictive and entertaining way to peek into people's lives. I especially love the humor and creative things people have to share. The familiarity that comes from visiting blog "friends" online and catching up in their day to day lives.
The worst part about the best books I've ever read...is that they end. But blogs, great blogs have that feeling of never ending, the story continues to unfold. :D

I read blogs because it connects me to other artists and like minded souls that I am lucky to call friends. It has opened up my world. I no longer feel like the odd duck out but a crazily feathered friend among many.

Happy 500th!! that is a big deal.BTW loving that doll head...
Oh and it was about 70 today. Just saying.

oh duh...
The reason I read blogs, is to get inspired in my art by photos and other folks projects. I also love to read about the daily stuff of life that just makes you laugh!

I read blogs to get inspired, to find out other people's opinions, to keep up on news in the art world, and to enjoy all the great photos out there.

"The reason I read blogs is...."

Oh, so many reasons. To keep in touch with friends & family. To glean new ideas, techniques, colors & inspiration. To travel to studios, galleries & events in my jammies. To gather the random thoughts that make each blog a treasure to experience. To understand people better & help myself interact with the world on a better level. To expand my world view. To express my appreciation with each blogger & their legions of followers.
Thank you for all your super posts and inspiration. You have expanded my horizions in so many ways. Ratty Hugs, ~C8>

I read blogs for inspiration. I learn so many new techniques and artsy spins on new and older material (that I usually have in my stash). I am limited finacially since I am retired but with the help of blogs I feel up to date on all the current "new got to have items".

Isn't it nice to like your children? where would we be without them and then there is the grandchildren which are icing on the cake. enjoy and thanks for the chance of wining. Peggy

they're there.

i read blogs for the human interaction, for the inspiration, and just to relax and think about how other people are living the creative life.

Wow. 500! Congrats.
I read blogs because it is my connection to my tribe that I don't have stuck up here in north Canada with not an art soul in site!
I get inspiration everyday and that makes me more creative. I am so glad I found this world.

Happy 500! The main reason i read blogs is for inspiration. I also like to keep abreast of what artists are doing and new trends from other areas of the world.

I read blogs to get ideas, be inspired and to motivate me to be creative, to take pictures, and to enjoy cooking.

Why do I read blogs? Hmmmmm - I've asked myself that a gazillion times as I sat here at the computer hour upon hour upon hour. I guess the number one reason would be for inspiration. There is a wealth of knowledge and eye candy out there that I just can't get anywhere else. I love looking at the studios (rest of the homes, too,) the doggies that the blog owners love, the delicious recipes (and photos) and most of all, the absolutely wonderful pieces of art that the bloggers create. I love reading about all the escapades you artists go on and all the great (and some not-so-great) stories of your families. One of these days I may get a blog and share all this with the world, too ... except for the doggie that I don't have. I read your blog because I love reading about "home" up there in the Greater Cleveland area. Congratulations on your 500th posting - and, just to let you know, I've read them all!

The reason I read blogs is to connect with other art-loving souls. I feel like I've found my people, even though I've never met them.

Congratulations on 500 posts!

The reason I read blogs is to see what other people are up to. What do they photograph? What do they collect? What do they make?

I follow blogs in a lot of different areas of interest, and I know that my world has been considerably expanded by being able to see so much through other people's lenses (human and mechanical!).

The reason I read blogs is beyond me...except that I am totally addicted. I start my day with my coffee and blogs now, instead of the morning paper! I feel much more energized and inspired that way, but all too often can't act on that because I have another blog to read! Congrats on all your posts. I've loved them!

i read blogs to keep the stardust fresh.


The main reason I read blogs is because there is so much information out there that I seem to "need" ;) There are inspirational art tips, tutorials, how-tos, photos, news, rumours, previews... you just need to find the right blog!

Happy 500th post to you! Hope there are many more to come!

The reason I read YOUR blog is that I feel that I am in touch with you. I also admire your type of Journaling.


"The reason I read blogs is....
To keep informed because I have been out of the loop for years
The blogs keep me inpired and excited about creating.

Happy 500th !

Congrats on your 500th blog post, Ginny! Why do I read blogs? For inspiration, to escape to warm sunny places, to check up on friends, so many reasons. One can never have enough eye candy!

Happy 500th! I love blogs, because I get to see so much fabulous art that I would not have access to w/o blogs. I never fail to be amazed at other's creativity and it inspires mine. Your home is beautiful and I love to see how you incorporate wonderful art and yet avoid the cluttered look. I look forward to your next 500 posts.

The reason I read blogs is....because we met at Artfest a few years ago and knew instantly you are good people. You keep me in eyecandy and I enjoy our occasional emails back and forth. It's important to feel connected to people who "get it". After all, what gppd is art without community?

I also read your blog because you always say such sweet things about your husband and that's endearing. :)

The reason I read blogs is....
1) inspiration
2) recipes
3) I have alot of time on my hands lol
4) design ideas

Congrats on reaching 500 posts :)
Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win.

"The reason I read blogs is...."

Wow, what a great question! It really made me stop and think. I suppose the most often reason is inspiration and new techniques. Which, of course, I get from all the beautiful photos you post (whether or not they are of "craft" things). I especially love your scenic photos.

Congrats on your 500th!

Hhhhmmm ... why do I read blogs?

Blogland is a place where I am able to meet interesting people, become part of a virtual peer group or community, become inspired by stories of struggles endured and witness basic human kindness and generosity of spirit. I am provoked to think deeper, live with more intention and more creativity.

500! Awesome!

The reason I read blogs is... because I love multi-tasking! *lol* If it's a weekday, I blog surf while I eat my lunch at work. The break from numbers & forms (I'm an accountant) is so very refreshing & keeps my brain clearer. If it's a weekend morning or a week evening, blogs offer the best inspiration. I'm somewhat new to altered art/mixed media & the ability to see so much wonderful creativity - there's nothing more inspirational! I've learned so much from so many people, world-wide! What I won't admit to here is the stash addiction blogs feed! ;o)

I read blogs like yours for inspiration. I am somewhat isolated in my art life so blogs like this one make me feel connected. I secretly wish to be famous enough one day to have my own blog with someone who wants to tune in just to see what I have to say.

I read blogs because I get inspired, shop, informed, learn new things, keep up with friends(some I may never meet but would love to), challenged, laugh, cry.... the list goes on. I love blogs... I love your blog, it's like keeping up with an old friend, it is very comforting & nurturing.

Congratulations on your 500th!

The real reason I read blogs? Because I'm nosy. I love to see what other people are doing with their art, their home decor, their daily lives. When I was a kid, my mom and I would take walks in the early evenings just when lights were coming on inside houses. We loved glancing in a window as we passed by, just to see how a home was decorated. Today, blogs have taken the place of evening walks with my mom. I still love that glimpse into other people's homes.

I'm reading blogs because they are so personal and inspiring and it's such a perfect window into the muse.

The reason I read blogs is because it keeps me current--with friends and with techniques and ideas.

congrats! I read blogs because it is less expensive than buying magazines! You are amazing!

I read blogs for inspiration. Its being nosey really, seeing what everyone is doing and learning new techniques along the way. Also we have a duty to read blogs - thats what they are there for! Happy 500th.

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