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Monday, 08 March 2010


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THOSE are some of my FAVORITE tapes!!! :D

and Uppercase is my absolute FAVORITE magazine. I may stop buying all of the others and just focus on that gem. Pricey but sooo worth it. So inspiring.

Haven't seen Alice yet. Am on the fence about seeing it...and this is coming from a huge Burton Fan. I just never was an Alice fan.

Kelly got me hooked on tapes as well! And, pens....

I liked "Alice" - but it was definitely Disney's version of a Tim Burton film. And, the Red Queen was fabulous!

where does one order Uppercase

Oh, Darn. Now I have to order again...

tape, tape, and more tape that should be the motto. I love washi tape and Uppercase. Of course, Kelly knows all the good stuff.

I didn't realize the photos were cut off. I was looking at the stack of 3 rolls of tape and admiring your "artistic composition" of that photo, with the subject off center! Just pretend you did it that way on purpose.

Must.... resist... tape..... aarrrghhhh

I am addicted to those tapes too....I might need a support group! :)

I have those tapes as well. Definitely very cool!

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