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Tuesday, 20 April 2010


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I must go and outfit my purse with a seam ripper!

Sounds like an amazing lunch, Ginny, with a fun bunch of friends.

Seriously awesome bag!!!! It kind of makes me think of the controlled chaos of those crazy quilts that people make. All the colors and patterns, beeeeeautiful!
Very cool that Gaye carries a stitch ripper around with her, a gal never knows when she's gonna have the need to just let 'er rip I suppose.
Seams of the world beware! haha
I've never been to an estate sale, it's on my mental "to do some day" list. haha

I love how you point out the "No Blog!". You know, Ginny, you have some crazy-good friends!

Looks like your having a ball

See, even I learned something - I didn't realize she actually carries a seam ripper with her all the time! That woman is lethal!!!

I started carrying a seam ripper when I found that people would actually say "yes" when I'd ask if I could have the label. It pays to open your mouth. And for the person who has an estate sale on her list of things to do, I've got to say it is the highlight of my weekend... every weekend. I would cross that one off my list sooner than later.

Oh! I forgot to say it was Great seeing you and John this weekend.

I've heard about Gaye's wonderful label-covered bag for a long time... so glad you posted a picture of it, Ginny! Love it that she travels with a seam ripper -- that's a gal who is ready for anything! It's great seeing pictures of Mike and Chris and Gaye. Thanks!

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