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Sunday, 16 May 2010


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Maybe you'll have to collect fives now until you reach some five friendly total...like 555, or 25...or such...:D
I especially like the five that is a big stencil type and shows through the color of your wall. That's cool,and has the added bonus of looking slightly different depending on what background you put it on.

i love your 5's! i work in a country where their word for 5 has become one of my favorite words, so i named my dog after it. would love to hear why you're a fan of 5 and, also i'd love to know if you sell your 5's. i didn't see any in your etsy shop. you can message me at jennifer@sweetsleep.org

Love the 5s! And also the canvas, reminds me of Demuth's "The Figure 5 in Gold".

I feel schizy about current events, the summer is beautiful, art is wonderful and I am a very privileged person. And yet, as my freshman English teacher was wont to say, things seem to be going to hell in a handbasket. Perhaps it's a function of age and having all this experience including our education and up-bringing that insisted we could save the world and still have plenty of energy left over to solve our every problem. Uhhhh.....I think we've at least, hit the wall of our limits. And it doesn't feel good.

We shall see what transpires, hey?

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