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Tuesday, 04 May 2010


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I am attracted to 9's, but I have never thought about why! Come to my blog and be my friend for a giveaway!

Don't you ALSO like The Jackson 5? Coincident? I think not. Then there is the famous Dave Brubeck song, "Take Five". I have to say, once you put it "out there" that you collect things, like FIVES, people will start giving you them. Ask Tamara about her, now huge chicken collection! Great post!

As you know, Ginny....I collect husbands and Pugs. Not necessarily in that order.

Great # wall!

I love the "5" wall...I happen to like the number "6" but I really don't know why...maybe it is because my little family is made up of "6" - mom, dad, 4 sons and a daughter... maybe it is because I wanted to have "6" children...
But I love that number...
Collections? I have too many to list...I suppose I am a collector of collections! smoochies, bec xoxo

Math has never been my strength...I have 3 sons not 4!
3 sons + 1 daughter + 1 mom + 1 dad = 6...right???
xoxo b

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