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Thursday, 17 June 2010


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Looks like fun!

Your display reminds me so much of the Country store my husband, MIL and I ran years ago. It was set up in an old house so each room was set up very similar to how yours is. We had lots of antiques, collectibles, crafts and art. Hope you do well with your sales. Your stuff looks great!

*desperately tries to crawl through the screen*

I can't wait to go visit there....I've always wondered about that place but never made time to stop...I'm in a hunt for red and violet and mustard antique glass bottles to add to my collection of cobalt and green glass bottles...Love that you two are having new adventures.

So happy to see you taking this step, Ginny! What fun. I just wish I could get there in person.

Congratulations Ginny and John! I've never been to Brothers but maybe I'll go now and maybe we'll meet there?

Oh, Ginny! It's so LOVELY! Congratulations! Now I need you to come on over to my house and decorate. :)

Ha! So you only get to have a store if you don't have to go there to run it every day? Sounds like a perfect compromise! It looks fantastic, Gin and John! Congratulations!

I love the hands in the top photo! I have a collection of hands (wood, metal, ceramic) on top of the library card catalog in my studio. It's fun to be working and look up and see them waving at me.
Best of luck on your new venture.
Erin in Morro Bay

Love the set up and all the wonderful goodies...how interesting that "5" items had sold, your current magic number! Wondering if I'll have time to visit on Thursday before Teesha's class in July? Is it pretty close to Avon Lake by any chance?

oh joy -- yet another new place to shop. congrats to you both, it looks way cool and we love the drive to medina.

Wish I were closer. I can see a lot of things that I would buy!

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