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Sunday, 06 June 2010


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When my cousin got married last year, we stayed in an old caboose! The accommodation was made up from lots of train carriages, cabooses and the meals area was the Goods Shed. Everything was authentic, small and still on wheels. Our kids loved it! Your idea is a good one.

I sure am glad you got the pointing hands. I looked at my pictures when I got home and was hoping they found a good home! I'm also glad you made it home okay and did not get blown away in a storm. It was great seeing you!

I was JUST reading/looking at photos of box car homes online the other day. The ran the gamut from cute to fancy and everything in between. A whole new sort of modular housing though it looked like, from some of the photos we saw, that people in some countries just set up homes in them. Ingenuity, it thrives!!!
Love your pointing hand sign. That's majorly cool!!!

Tracy, do you still have the links?
I would love to see them.
Ginny Carter Smallenburg

WEB http://www.smallstudioproductions.com
ETSY http://smallstudio.etsy.com
BLOG http://smallstudio.typepad.com

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