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Sunday, 11 July 2010


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So did you buy any of the yardsticks in the second photo?? I would have!

Road Trips! I love 'em. Ingrid's workshop looks fabulous; I wish I could take it.

Gosh, there's so much there that i would have bought! Yummy!

What a fabulous trip (minus the rain part)! Pretty much my dream trip, but unlike lucky you, not my husband's. Maybe I'll be able to convince him one of these days. :) I like the messier displays personally, but it all depends how much time I have to dig.

Fear not, I knew you were off having fun when your blog wasn't updated in a week. I would love that kind of trip, but he would be pulling MY hair out!

Ginny, you will love Ingrid! I took a class from her at CHA, and she is very warm and friendly -- and OH SO talented! Wish I could join this class. Her workshop should be wonderful!

Nothing like a road trip to stir the soul and the creative juices! Oh I wish I could take a class or two, or more!

Great blog...great pictures....fun trip. I thought the reason that you had not blogged for a week is that you were mad at us...

Love spontaneous or planned road trips! Looking forward to my trip to see you for Teesha's class in a couple days...any suggestions where to eat dinner on Thursday night? Looking for ethnic or fresh local fare...


If you are staying near Crocker Park in Westlake ( Residence Inn, Hampton, etc) there are a number of restaurants there.
Alladins serves Middle Eastern food.
Near the Landings is a Thai Chile place.
See you soon!
Ginny Carter Smallenburg

WEB http://www.smallstudioproductions.com
ETSY http://smallstudio.etsy.com
BLOG http://smallstudio.typepad.com

I am not entirely certain, but...I believe the antique seating piece you picture is from a fraternal organization called The Oddfellows. The Three Rings at the top of center seat are a sign of that organization.
Probably 'The Foresters Oddfellow Lodge'.

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