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Sunday, 01 August 2010


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Oh, I wish I had a big table like yours!
Or, I could just come use yours - especially the "In the Nursery" book I see there. Beautiful!

I meant to add to my comment: Are you going to be at Stampaway? I remember us talking about it at Artiscape, but I don't remember what you said. Oh, for a brain... lol

That does not look like a problem to me at all...... :) -S

I see no trouble At All. I see fun!

Yes, you can spread out and get a bit more scattered. But,l OH the fun you can have!!
Love it!

oh yes I know what you mean..... but mess means something fun is going on there :):):)

My heart is racing............I would so love a large work table. It may be big, but oh the possibilities of creation on that huge space.

LOL!! It will be clean again soon enough. There's an old saying that "Interesting women rarely have immaculate houses". I think that is apropos for artists too!

Looks wonderful to me!

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