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Sunday, 05 September 2010


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Thanks for the memories here -- although I bet there are some readers who have no idea what you are talking about - LOL!

Ah, memories. And remember having to schedule long distance calls and keep them oh so short because they cost so much? I miss that sound of the dial, THAT is aging me!

When I was a kid we had those black phones, but not with the numbers, it just had one ringer (can't remember the name of them now). They were used on a party line. Anyway... we don't have caller ID on our phone so it's always a surprise as to who is calling. :)

Ah the old phones. When I lived in England my number was 320. That's it. Then as the years went by, I was 'upgraded' to 4320. That seemed quite an affront.

I also miss the phone #s that had names, tho I do recall when they went to numbers only. btw, you are the first person I've ever 'met' who was a phone operator!

Hey Gin...I sent U an award...go see it on my blog !

Hi Ginny,
I love all these things as well. I actually have two of the old telephones. My husband was a telephone man for many years, starting out on the "frame" as they say, moving to cable splicer, and finally into the corporate arena. There were many times dinner was interrupted by a call saying someone was out of service, and back then you were required to restore service in a timely manner. Usually within the hour. Now the telephone company will easily, and without any regret, inform you it will take up to two weeks to restore your service. I miss the old days and long for a time machine! I guess we can't make people care. Enjoy your Labor Day.

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