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Wednesday, 29 September 2010


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Your space looks so inviting.

Distressing to hear that thieves had visited your booth. I remember the owners of our local stamp shops telling me years ago how much was stolen, and it always saddened me to know that artists/crafters would steal. On a brighter note, the booth and finding treasures for it sound wonderful! It's been a dream of mine to get a little booth at the antique mall.

Looks like a well stocked and attractive booth. Car trips are great and I enjoy hearing about your 'hunting' trips since that is not a part of my life. A little bit of envy there but neither of us would have your (plural) patience.

Ohhhhh I love a nice antique mall... there is a really icky one here in Long Beach and the folks there are creepie... I miss the antique swap meet in Sacramento. But I still have the Long Beach one and I see celebraties almost every month.

Your road trip across the Staets next year sounds like my idea of heaven! If I lived in the US, I'd be asking-
"May I come too?"

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