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Wednesday, 01 September 2010


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I very much agree with you, Ginny, about workshops. I much prefer hands-on, in the moment, classes. But, then there are summers like this one where I had every intention of getting to your place & taking at least one class, and I've taken none. But, that "best of intentions" does happen with online classes, too .. lol
Ohhhh... I like the cigar boxes & labels! Off to see more - thanks for sharing the info!

;) Actually, most of the blogs I link to are either some of my most favorites, some I've found through those fave blogs or are mainly things that I know if I love and appreciate it, someone else will. ;) With over 450 blogs in my google reader, I have a good selection to choose from. I agree with you on in person vs online workshops. I view them as two separate, different entities completely. ;)

I agree with you too Ginny but unfortunately the workshops in my area are few and far between.

Finally got confirmation on my day off! I'll be sending in my registration ASAP!!! Save me a seat!

WooHoo, Aimee. We are looking forward to taking the workshop with you!.

Totally agree... love online workshops and love real life workshops, both teaching them and being a student.

And wow - love that studio!!!

SOMEDAY, someone in this industry will create storage for stamps and papers (12x12) that is NOT plastic. I wish I could find flat file storage that is economical - any suggestions?

There is a person who makes compact stamp storage. I saw his booth at Stampaway last month.
Here is the link to his site.

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