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Sunday, 03 October 2010


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Instead of cutting back on food production, the powers that be could take the excess food and donate it to those in need. The food banks, the shelters, the elderly-anyone who needs it. What about the vast amount of indoor food in grocery stores? The chain stores don't donate it. They dump it.

Wow! Thanks for the info! This is something I have never thought about.
Unfortunately Kelly, stores no longer donate food because too many companies were sued by people saying the donated food they ate made them sick. Sad but true. I worked in the grocery business for 11 yrs. and my husband for 23 so far and there is alot of needless waste because of those few people. Even the bread companies said they don't donate anymore either. One company said they feed it all to the birds.

If all the vegetable waste was composted, it would create energy instead! Starbucks donates coffee grounds and if you work with local markets, you can pick up their old produce for composting. In California, the Master Gardeners program does this for school gardens.

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