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Thursday, 21 October 2010


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Ahhh Ginny. I am so sorry. So sorry for Chris. Our thoughts go out to her and her family, to you and John.

my heart aches for Chris and Andy - tears are flowing because I will miss him - I am glad I spent time with them in July. Mike always made me laugh and this is the first time he has made me cry.

Oh, Ginny. When I saw the title of your post and photo of Mike in Google Reader, I immediately clicked over to the blog because if it was about Mike, it was going to be a good one.
I'm shocked and saddened to hear of his untimely death. I have so many good memories of Mike from your shop years. My heartfelt condolences to Chris and Andy. And honestly, to anyone who had the good fortune to spend some time with Mike. He was truly one of a kind.

I am so sorry Ginny. Thanks to you I had the privilege of meeting Mike so many years ago. He will truly be missed.

Wow...you brought a heaviness to my heart, and I'm on the verge of crying. I am sorry for your loss, and to his family, we are sending healing prayers. These things are a shock and make us realize that life is not only short, but precious. One bright spot, is that you will see him again someday. Thinking about you Ginny.

So sorry Ginny. I have heard you speak of him often. Thinking of you today and his family....

Such very sad news, Ginny. "Mr. Coffee" was a dear man, and my heart just aches for Chris and Andy at the loss of him. He will surely be missed.

Oh, Ginny....this is heartbreaking. Mike was such a unique individual, and he will truly be missed. My thoughts go out to Chris and Andy....they were such a close and loving family. Mike was a sweetie...and SO funny...I hope everyone will remember him for his kindness,humor and above all,the love he had for his family.We lost one of the good ones.

So sorry, I met him once and you captiured who he was so well. your all in my thoughts and prayers, he will be missed.

Oh Ginny... that is sad sad news. I never had the pleasure of meeting Mike, but your stories about him were always funny and humorous - it really showed how much he was a part of your life, and he sounded like such a great friend to have! My heart goes out to you and his family. x

Oh, Ginny. Such sad news. Mike was such a fantastic, funny, all-around top-notch guy. My thoughts are with Chris and Andy (and all of Mike's friends who will miss him).

Ginny, I am week with shock. For some reason I think of the good ones like Mike...who are always happy and joyful and funny, just living forever. Mike was such a bright light of joy for so many people. He never ceased to make me smile and laugh and he was just one of the best people I have ever met. Thank you for sharing the news...it helps coming from you, who I know had such a special relationship with him. I do love that the image that seems to be in so many people's minds (including mine) is of Mike prancing around heaven spreading his brand of mischievous humor and practical jokes. I am sure the angels will have their hands full with him.

How are you doing?

I am shock over this. I talked to him yesterday. He was feeling poorly, but I did not expect this.

Thanks for writing.

Love, Ginny
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Ginny-thanks for the nice tribute to Mike-it's comforting to know that he was so well loved by others, too. Thanks to your readers for all the good thoughts and prayers-we really do appreciate that.

I had read a twitter post by Suze Weinberg this morning about Mike and was so shocked! He was one of my favorite vendors at Stampaway and I remember his fun demos at SYAO the Fridays before the show for a few years too. I knew you would have something about him today. Thanks for posting. I"m so sorry for the loss of your good friend.

What a great legacy - to know you will always be remembered as a loving soul who left everyone smiling. Mike made everyone in the room feel special. What a great honor it was to know him, and what better people we are for having had him in our lives. He left too soon...

To Chris and Andy, My deepest sympathy to you both. I always looked forward to the Coffee Break Design booth and all the gadgets I knew would be awaiting along with Mike's quirky humor. It was also my son David's favorite booth and he sends his condolences as well. I always smiled when I saw your family...the love was so apparent. Please know you are in our prayers tonight and always. With love and sympathy, Leslie

This is a beautiful tribute to a guy who we adored...
My love to Chris and Andy. I will hold Mike in my memories and my heart. Those we remember remain in our hearts.... He will be missed

I just heard the news. I'm so very truly and deeply sorry for such a great loss. Sending much love to the Meador family. He really will be very much missed.
I only met him once in person many years ago. We had many "talks" on facebook and email. He was always extremely generous with everything. So sad and upsetting.
If you find out any place to send cards, flowers, etc..., please post.
Thanks, Ginny.

Even though I did not know Mike, I can appreciate his worth by the kind and loving way those who knew him remember him.

I hope that you will find comfort in knowing that the ways in which he blessed your life will resonate each and every time you think of him. The goodness that we bring to the world is like a pebble dropped into the ocean. It riples out, into forever.

So sorry for your loss Ginny....

My thoughts are with you

Ginny: I am shocked as well. You are so on point when you say that the ones we know as lights in our life we expect they will go on forever. I've known Mike (although not closely) for at least 10 years. I remember taking a class with Chris when she had her arm in some kind of cast, but was determined to go on anyway. Those are the people I remember. And when I think of Mike, what I think of most is that he somenow, gloriously, never lost the child within him. He always wanted to play. He always wanted to check out something cool thatcaught his fancy, then infect everyone he touched with his enthusiasm for it. What a gift to everyone he touched. I remember his generosity as well--when I would make a purchase, he was forever saying "oh, just take that, too." Although my heart breaks for you, Ginny, for the friend who made you laugh, and for Chris and Andy for losing a husband and father, I know that pain will eventually fade and be replaced with a deep gratitude that the joyous spirit that was the essence of Mike was in our lives and that we were able to see that his flame would light the candle of family, friends, and even strangers. He would want us to celebrate his life, although we must mourn his death first to get there. His physical presence may be gone, which is painful to those who remain, but his spiritual presence is eternal to all he touched.

While I didn't know Mike and Chris well, I always enjoyed talking with them at the shows. Their booth oozed such creativity that I often spent much time browsing through all of their neat and unique products, and shared information about Coffee Break numerous times with our readers. I was surprised to hear the news. My thoughts and prayers are with Chris and their family.

Pat called me yesterday and woke me from my afternoon nap with this devistating news of our friend Mike. After we talked of loss, we right away started talking of all the fun times we had with both Mike and Chris. I think Mike was one of the most generous people I ever met. If he liked you, the sky was the limit. He did so many nice things for me. My heart is heavy but know in my heart that he was welcomed with open arms in heaven. So sorry for your loss Ginny and Chris, you've moved to #1 on my prayer list.

/Users/gayemedbury/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2009/Mike Meador's warehouse sale 09/100_1986.JPG

Gaye called me this morning to tell me the sad news. I am still in shock. I can't believe I won't see that fabulous smile with the spark of joy in his eyes again. I sit here smiling just thinking of Mike's marvelous personality and sense of humor. To say he will be missed is such an understatement. Kind, generous, funny, joyful are all words I use to describe Mike.
Chris and Andy, you are in my heart and prayers.

Oh Ginny,This is very sad news I only had a email from mike last week,my heart goes out to Chris,you and Andy as I know you were very dear friends

Of course, there is nothing to add, but I am so sad to hear this news. Rest in peace. He was a guy who brought such joy to anyone he was in touch with. So sorry for his loss.

So sorry to hear this news - Mike always made up laugh and always had something new and funky to share with us. He will be missed by many.
Chris and Andy - hugs and warm wishes to you both.
We are all lucky to have Mike touch our lives.
I can hear the angels setting those eyelets in one of the best classes they have ever been in!

Ginny, I am so, so sad to see that Mike has passed away. I only met him a couple times, but I felt like I knew him. What a fun man and always so generous. What a great loss. I know how close you were to him and his wife. My heart goes out to you and his family.

I am so very, very sorry for your loss.

Oh, I am so sad to read this and so sorry for the loss that Chris, Andy, and all who knew Mike are experiencing. I didn't know him well, mostly through orders for teaching, but he was always kind, generous and funny.

so very sad --the world has lost a sweet, tender person---i did not know him---person to person--but right now i am picturing the stencil of the man throwing something ( can't remember exactly, too upset) to the dog, and when i saw it; i giggled and thought that Mike had so much humor!!! love and thoughts to you all ---sam

just heard the news today - what a tragic loss to the art world. Mr. Coffee-Break was magnaminous, hysterical, highly creative, a trend-setter, and an all around sweet loving spirit.

every year at art continuum when we had the party after the party and mike was in charge of entertainment - wow the laughs we had.

anyone that remembers the filmstrip of the rubber plantation and how the audience each took turns narrating the story....oh my gosh. i am still laughing. mike had a way of taking a large group of folks and making us all family.

my heart goes out to Chris and family who know for sure what it was like to juggle the many promises of Mr. Coffee Break and to keep him on schedule (smile) and just knowing that when he went home from convention that he had such a fantastic family and support always made me feel good.

my sincerest and heartfelt thoughts go out to all of the art community that has lost a great innovator and friend

kathy martin
bird burnett
postmodern design

Ginny, He touched our hearts and gave joy freely,along with his goodies of intervention. He will be sadly missed. So glad I was among the people who had a chance to be a part of his life. Life is short... Treasure each moment. No one should ever be a stranger. Beverly

I am so very sorry.

He was clearly a very special guy. His character and personality shine from each of his friends' descriptions.

The world is a better place because he was here.

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