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Wednesday, 13 October 2010


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"Hi, Ginny" (said in unison)

I am visiting from the meeting across the hall.. the one for the chronic clutterers.

My favorite organizational thing is... Your cubbies!! They are so artistically pleasing.

Have fun with Keith. One of my favorite classes at AC was his class on using tools. He seemed so surprised that people paid him to tell us how to use a drill, cut glass, when to use a Dremel and when to use a drill, etc. But we are so visual, you know! Need to SEE it!

I've yet to figure out a favorite, having just started the "great takeover" (my daughter moved out to her own place - now I have a 'craft room' - yea!!). I like your cubbies ... hmmmm ....

I'm a cubbie lover too!!! I have some of my ribbon stored the same way you do. Maybe we should start a cubbie club. :)

I like P.B's new distressed white cubbies. I don't like clutter either. I like everything put away-like with like-and only have what I'm working with at the time out in front of me. Maybe being a photographer has something to with that. There is nothing more disastrous than a dirty, chaotic darkroom-the materials are too expensive!

Hmmmm I love PB's cubbies too... purchasing one for me craft room. They have sold others? Hmmm...
Hugs to you dear friend.

I have a hard time with visual clutter, so I really like to have things out of sight but stored in sensible places/containers. I have yet to find my own solutions though especially as digital work led me to enjoying paper crafts which are much messier and require more than another 1T EHD!

I'm definitely with ya on the cubbies Ginny! I've been eyeing the one in the Pottery Barn catalog for months with no explanation as to why I haven't bought it yet. I have, literally, to spend time organizing my unused organizational tools and bins (I have waaayyy too many)

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