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Monday, 15 November 2010


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how do i find this place? i live in eastern lorain county. thanks, terry

So wished I could visit this place it looks amazing

Looks great. I HAVE to get out there.

Very, very nice! I love that idea. Tell us about those hands. Of what are they made? Very cool.

Brothers Antique Mall is a small mall at
6132 Wooster Pike/Rte 3 So (an extention of Rte 42) Medina.
The hands are resin glove forms, Judi.
Thanks for the comments, friends.

Looks great Ginny! Love those Christmas words :) And those numbers on the wall!!!

Just Christmas-y enough if you ask me. Very sweet! And my next thought is... I'd like to move in there. All those letters and numbers and books and cool old things. I don't think the shoppers will mind stepping over me... really. ;)

I so wish I could visit and spend a ton of $$ on your very cool inventory. WOW!! Beautiful!

Love it Ginny. You might also put the 2 and 5 numbers together for 25. Just a thought

I just happend to stumble on your blog. It is wonderful! I love the letters and numbers in your booth. And I also found your links fantastic. What cakes! Thank you for that and for your blog. So sorry that everything is so far away from Europe! But its good to know that its there anyway! Goodnight!

What a marvelous site my friend just sent me, I spent soooo much time looking thru from top to bottom and each click of the page down only bought more oohs and aahs from me. Am I able to sign up to get your updates, and where is Medina, Oregon? And where will Michael DeMeng be coming to, Oregon?? I would be very interested in his class(es)and info re same. Thanks much and a great and merry and joyful holiday season to you and yours!
Maggie in Michigan

Our Medina antique booth is in Medina OH as is the workshops.
Michael will join us in 2011 the end of April here in Ohio.
Sorry to disappoint you, but it is not so far!

Ginny Carter Smallenburg

WEB http://www.smallstudioproductions.com
ETSY http://smallstudio.etsy.com
BLOG http://smallstudio.typepad.com

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