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Friday, 03 December 2010


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I really enjoyed this post. Our home is very lived with with wood, reds, yellows and blues. I am adding more white. It gives things a crisp and claming look. Thanks for sharing

Great news about next year's workshops. Could I get a hint about Michael's month?

I am more than sure that Michael is coming back to Cleveland just to see if I am in his workshop. You know, I gave him some great ideas this summer. He's really kicked it up a notch or two since meeting me.
You Delusional Friend,

A lovely post... Teesha and Tracy Moore! I wana come!!!

Michael is coming 29, 30 and May 1.
Pam in Oct and Teesha and Tracy in June.

Just discovered this blog, and am besot! Thank you for being you.

I have Michael's Alchemy app on my iPhone. I'm not missing his workshop and not Pam's either! This time I will register on time. Thanks Ginny for bringing them back.

Beautiful eye candy

Lovely! Oh, and keep recycling those catalogs at your local library. I'm probably the one bringing them home : )BTW, I always look forward to your blogs, but simply can't keep up...

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