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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


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Happy to hear that you will continue to sell through etsy and the antique mall but will miss SSP!

We received a camo snuggie for Christmas...it was a 'White Elephant Gift'...hilarious! David loves it...he snuggles up in it on the couch...I have to just try to ignore the print ;)

Sorry you're closing the Emporium but I totally understand about the personal interaction.
Hope you're still considering a workshop series for 2011.

:((( that you're closing the Emporium - but can only imagine how much of a time consuming thing it was - Happy New Year to you and John - xo reva

Will you have a booth at Stampaway again this year? Really looked forward to seeing your booth there and I wasn't disappointed!

Sorry to hear about the store, but I understand. Since I live in CA, I never go to Costco for gas, because of the crazies trying to get into the pumps for 3 cents a gallon cheaper. The cost for repairing the car after a cheaper creeper gas guy hits it is not worth the hassle! Inside? HA! Since I only went to look at books occasionally, I let my membership card expire this last year cause of the lines that sometimes go to the back of the store.

Sorry to hear you are closing your on-line shop. I am confident you made the best decision for you.

Isn't living on a Great Lake just . . . well, Great?! I,too, love the wildlife in our yard. Winter is always the best time to spot the rare visitor, such as coyote or fox. Sorry you're closing the Emporium, but glad you're still on Etsy.

Life changes, and then we make life changes. It's always a flux, isn't it.

MD Costco, or at least the one I go, is pretty calm most of the time. No diesel sales so I don't even look at the gas pumps. I'm going to go to a Costco near a new Wegmans and it will be interesting to see if it 'feels' different.

Snugglies in camouflage material!?! I use mine to hide from the Bibelbonse Mensen ... of course!

I miss Costco! Since we moved there isn't one super close to us. Eventually we'll wander out towards Vegas and go to the Costco in Henderson and do some stocking up but for now...Costco withdrawal..I had noticed the lines for gas could be quite long, we usually just opted to get gas elsewhere.
Sorry that you're closing your online shop. If you're happy with that decision then I'm not sorry, if you know what I mean.
I love selling online, we used to sell at craft sales when I was still living at home but the stress and pressure of preparing for 2 days and the lugging of stuff around did start outweighing the sales etc. But still, nice memories. I like being able to make and sell stuff at all hours of the day to any body in the world. Since I never worked in a real store I can't really compare, but if that's what thrilled you with the selling, the face to face with people, I can see how an online store would be un-fulfilling. Me, I'm just glad no one can hear me do my chicken squack of glee when I sell something online...I can't imagine in real life...hahahahahahahahaha...Oh plus working in your pj's is pretty cool...

LOL at the camo snuggies, maybe those butch guys really do love to snuggle on the couch at the end of the day, and camo makes it manly enough to be OK :)

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