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Saturday, 15 January 2011


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eeek, unexpected bills like that suck. Sorry bout that, better to have the heat than none though! Glad you got your new furnace motor. Would be pretty hard to craft up one of them I bet... ;)
Alan and I often remark how lucky we are to have no kids about the place here as well during times like bowl licking, cookie making, wii video game playing etc. We are nothing if not honest, we enjoy having all the goodies to ourselves. I think we might still be half kid at heart and that kids wants the last cookie to herself..er....hahahaha

Oh no! the money is one issue but being cold when you've felt unwell just sucks. Gas fireplaces are the answer!

Small world, I guess. I woke up about 4AM last week freezing (and I am never cold), and yup the gas furnace was blowing, but it was blowing cold air. I was fortunate that I could get someone out the same day and the bill was only $168 for a new igniter. Our furnace is a bit older (14 years) so I felt like I got off pretty easy, but I was never so happy to see a service truck pull up in my driveway! Combined with the white-out snow storm and an all-day meeting that I had to be in and out of, it wasn't my favorite day. The house actually got down to 52 degrees!! Brrr!!! We sure take things like heat for granted, don't we?

I guess we all have our own stories about HVAC problems. Mine was a little over six months ago, when the air conditioning suddenly shut down halfway through dinner. If we didn't have guests that time, the malfunction wouldn’t have been big deal. Anyway, we replaced our old unit, since it had been acting up a few weeks before that incident.

It’s good that your furnace was able to provide you with 9 years of service. I guess it’s the right time to have it replaced. There’s always something good in buying new ones, like being sure that it is more energy efficient and cost-effective than before. Consider regular maintenance to prolong the lifespan of your new furnace.

-Darryl Iorio

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