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Monday, 10 January 2011


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Happy New Year to you and John as well Ginny!! Sorry to hear you were sick, that sucks. Everyone's been nastily sick a time or too so at least we can all commiserate...but I'd just rather develop magical healing powers and splash wellness about than commiserate...I'll see if I can do that for 2011. Resolution: Develop magic powers...yeeeeeah.
That knife holder dude is hilarious. We don't own any sharp knives, I am fearful of chopping my fingers off...I know they say a dull knife is more likely to slip on a vegetable and slide off and hurt you than a sharp knife which wouldn't slip...but...I'll stick with my cheap-o lightly serrated knives for the meantime....
End rambling in 5..4...3...2......1

Ginny & John, I am sorry for your loss. Sending you good thoughts for your comfort & healing.

So glad you're back. I was just nosing around your previous posts todays wondering if all was well or maybe I'd missed something.
Sorry about your flu - lots of people succumbed to it already this year. Better times ahead. Be well.

Ginny - if you really liked felting, have I got some people for you to meet. And an amazing workshop for you to consider.

It was so great to see you; sorry you came home sick, but that you're on the mend again.

I would like to know..which brother gave the knife guy and which brother received the knife guy? hilarious!
Glad you are feeling better...and I send my love and condolences for your loss.
I hope 2011 is a good one for all of us..xoxo b

I've missed you Ginny! Sorry to hear that you've been sick... hope you're back on the mend now. Happy New Year!!!

I've missed you also Ginny. I am sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself. Have a wonderful New Year. I lost my sister in Dec the day before my birthday to ovarian cancer.

Welcome back! So sorry to hear you were sick. That sign is a hoot! But typical for California, where people run around like crazy always in a hurry. I know, I live with here!

Ginny & John,
Keeping you both in my prayers over the loss of your mom. Mom's are really big ones.

Welcome back. You've been missed.

Hope the rest of the month brings you both full health. The metro area here seems to be full of bronchitis-->pneumonia for the past few years. I got a touch of it that still lingers but not the full blown case.

I recommend hot tea and a couch in front of the fire with art books!

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