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Friday, 21 January 2011


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My 12 yr. old daughter Grace and I are big History Channel watches. We have'nt had a chance to catch Auction Kings or Storage Wars yet. American Pickers is good but the show we like to watch the most is Pawn Stars. It's very interesting. You learn alot about history and they give multiple choice questions and tell you the answer after the break. Plus, Grace and I think it's hilarious. It's a family run business, three generations of men and sidekick, Chumlee. We love Chumlee.

i agree with your comments about the characters on storage wars-- their mean spiritedness makes me ill-

You would like Antiques Road Show both the American and Brit version. It's on PBS.

Love American Picker's and like you didn't care for Storage Wars. New one called, Cash & Cari, about a Estate Sale broker. Kinda cool.

LOVE Pawn Stars!!! The "Old Man" is really funny....on one clip, Chumlee was trying to light an old school Zippo lighter. The Old Man watched him until he couldn't stand it anymore, finally said "It needs a flint, you dumba**" He's funny without even trying

Ginny - took some classes from a woman in North Canton - she calls them "cartonagge".... she lived in France for several years when her husband worked for Timken and that's where she took classes. Very different - not so "arty" but functional. One class we made passport holders and wallets with credit card slots out of a paper called skivertex. Another class was a small box with a pin cushion top. She's teaching in February on all four Thursday mornings and Wednesday evenings. I'm not sure what the classes will consist of this time.
She's not an experienced teacher but really wants to learn how to teach. I'm happy to learn the basics because you can always add to or decorate the basic item. She charges $100. for all four classes. If you're bored and have any interest let me know and I'll send her name and email.

TV = movies and cooking shows for me. Only network one I watch is House, but then I also have all 5? seasons on dvd. My birthday treat to myself.

thanks for the tip on Costco! We're going this week to get work supplies, so I'll have to check this out.

Thanks for turning me on to American Pickers. I know watch it in between my tolerance for politics on MSNBC.

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