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Tuesday, 01 February 2011


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Stay well and safe Ginny. Do you have enough chocolate?

Just rain for us 'southerners' we think. If so, I'll be out tomorrow for fun stuff...just in case.

Glad you are safe - and getting better as well. Sorry there was no ring in that box :-)

Hey, Ginny, I hope you're on the mend! How scary! Take care and get some good rest!

My office in Fort Wayne is close today due to this great weather, with tickets being issued to drivers who should have stayed home.

Wine and cheese sounds good, along with the Masterpiece Classic I recorded Sunday evening. "Downton Abbey" has been wonderful. During your life in Europe, you probably traveled a lot to England too. This program is so true to their way of life!

So, hopefully you can rest and enjoy a few of these pleasures. Take care!


We've had a bout 15-18 inches of snow here, and everything is pretty much closed. However, thanks to the"joy" of technology, I still have to work remotely via laptop. Hope you weather the storm and are back in the pink as soon as possible. My mom always said if you don't have your health, you don't have anything and I don't think most of us realize how true that is until we're faced with a scare like you've had. Get well soon.

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