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Sunday, 13 March 2011


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Awesome-I need to get back into decorated mail! It is so rare now, that I mail anything-but it was so much fun, I should do it more!

Ahhh, it's never meaningless! As soon as you lick the stamp and send it's on it's way, it will mean something to someone somewhere.
I've been thinking about letters and decorated envelopes a lot more these days (and writing and decorating too!). Perhaps we should exchange a few :)

Now what is your snail mail address again??? I want to send you some fun shtuff???

XO Brian Perhaps an exchange is in the works?

I can remember spending hours decorating envelopes. There's nothing better than getting mail art. Makes my day

Meaningless? oh Ginny, you silly twit! ;) you know it all has meaning even if it's not the kind with the cap M.I know you really do know that. If the joy is in the journey, it's also just in the making.

Not sure if you ever met Cryptic Carla in CA. She IS an artist but has Bad Art Nights just so there is no expectation on the result, just the joy in taking something in hand and making fun.

What constitutes mail art? Pshaw...that's sticking rules in. Pffft.

Love mail art & fun envelopes! Let's keep it going! I love it when my mailbox smiles.

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