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Sunday, 10 April 2011


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A girl after my own heart! As a teen I LOVED going to Rennaisance faires especially if it meant dressing up. And then in college I was a fencer :). Great fun!

sounds like you had fun and congrats to your granddaughter!! that is awesome! I love the Renaissance Faires! sadly haven't been to any here in OH but went yearly when I lived in CO! guess I need to go to one around here aye!! have a great week dear!! :))

I don't think many 13 year olds think that way now. Actually, I dont think many people that way in general.:) But it makes me unique! Thanks for putting me on your blog Grandma!

The funny(well now) part was I was reading this on an hour + ride on the freeway in LA on Sunday night and and we were about pulling our hair out because the Highway Patrol had traffic stopped for an accident.

Tell your granddaughter i think thats AWESOME! I would love to be doing that and i'm 40+! Tell her to follow her heart and she will always be unique.

Can we expect to see her in the fall in full regalia? Fabulous!
I am with you about drives through Ohio, as well. We love those drives, too. On one, I ended up at an Amish cattle auction (no kidding!), and on another, at a forest of hummingbird feeders, out in the middle of nowhere. Serendipity.

I bet there was nowhere a 13-yr-old girl COULD have been a sword-wielding barbarian, when we were that age..........

When we think of what is better, about now than then, the vastly increased opportunities for girls is surely right up there on the list!

(Thinking of my daughter wondering WHAT was so "cool" about cheerleaders/cheerleading, and me getting out the 1970 high school year book to show her that there were NO sports for girls. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. If you were athletic and female, your only active opportunity was cheerleading.......... My daughter thought that was exceedingly strange. How wonderful that it is strange, now, instead of the norm!!!!!!!)

Thanks for all the great comments especially Vicki in Michigan. You are so right, girls are so much better off today.

Great costume!!

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