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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


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And the scariest thing to me is how the politicians and the talking heads on news shows just toss trillions about - "Oh, two trillion, that's chicken feed - not worth discussing!"!!!!

Your blog is highlighted on another I visit often, I do enjoy
visiting your site as well. Today
I want to thank you, the million
trillion was a real eye opener
for me!! Rosie O'Donnell has
had a running continus count on
her blog about the soldiers lost
and the cost of "war". To just
watch those numbers roll is quite
something, and know it is actually
happening. And real quick I love
your home it's beautiful, and text
on the wall, interesting concept,
the EAT cabinets I could NOT live
with ever. Thanks again.

After reading all this, I'm not NEARLY as upset as I was. All I owe is a few bucks on my car, some money on the house, and some dinero set aside for Psychotherapy and/or Art Lessons with Mr DeMeng.Got my Dermatologist and her Botox ready to go at any time. I'm gonna go buy some more art stuff. Just gimme a stack of those $100 bills...i'll give you a REAL reality check with that!!!!!hahahahah p.s. I'd probably just spend it on old cigar boxes and baby heads and googley eyes.

How about this topis for a blog (if it hasn't been done already)
"What would you do with $1,000,000.00 No restrictions, nothing is too "way out there", nothing is "Too silly" or "Why would you do THAT??" The only rule is that it should make people think and maybe change their mind about a preconceived notion that they already had. Sound like a plan?????

Interesting post Ginny! Love how you put all these facts and figures on your blog for us to consider. We do live in interesting times! We've lost quite a few Australian soldiers lately in the war too :(

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