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Sunday, 26 June 2011


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HaHa! No pressure, or anything! I'll do my best! I totally envy John his hybrid! I want one!

A day above ground is a good day Ginny! With the rough year you both have had, I hope the 2nd half of the year has an upswing in energy for you. It will come.

Hang in there! Life has a way of kicking us once in a while, just to say, "Hey", take notice." Please take care!

I'm delighted to see a new blog post, whenever it appears, so yes, some of us are out here. Do take care and I hope the creative juices start flowing quickly soon.
Take care...

Sending positive thoughts for your health and John's too. I'm sure the art will return. I've been lurking around enjoying your blog posts, but I thought it was high time that I say I was here! Big hugs to both of you. xoxo, Shelly

You'll know when you've had enough. Until that time, pamper yourself and your husband. But keep an ear open for that pesky little bug that makes you want to shout to the world "I make Art"!

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