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Wednesday, 15 June 2011


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the mural is for the new series, "Children's Hospital" - the ads are quite frightening - my children would not have liked this clown!

I love how people who don't understand "art" stare at us. The guy with the paintbrush next to the ladder is classic! Love that ladder. I need a ladder like that in my yard! Thanx for sharing.

Hey, I thought of you today, Ginny. I was at Crocker Park looking for a dress to wear to a wedding this weekend. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw "Made in the USA" on the tag!!!! I am going to make it a point to shop there more often!! ps It was at Francesca's

Judi: I didn't think of it as scary, but you are right, it is a scary clown face. I was just focused on how fast they did the part of the wall that we saw.

Sharon: It wouldn't be difficult to make an "art" ladder of your own or better yet, sell it as art for $$$$

Jane: I am so proud of you! It really is difficult to find Made in the USA tags. We need to talk soon.

Loving that ladder!

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