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Monday, 29 August 2011


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They look fabulous! I love the loopy binding and am fascinated by the idea of replacing the signatures - would love to learn that.

Oh, so green with envy - have wanted to take workshops with Pam Sussman SO much! They look beautiful.

I have found that my sewing skills and interest are pretty poor so I'm glad to see someone else who can do such lovely things with paper, needle and thread.

love the papers you used--especially the ones with numbers(black and white). Do you know if they can be found online or who makes them so I can look them up? The Yudu screen printing sounds like fun--love yours done on kraft paper! Great projects and thanks for sharing!

Since Stampaway I've been writing down stamping memories from the past 15 years --several trips to Creative Block and once to Art Continuum are definite highlights!

Fabulous books and projects - looks like it was a fun week for you! I can't pick a favorite, they're all so yummy :)

Oh, I am so jealous. I've checked Pam's blog, but she hasn't seemed to post much. Please give her my best the next time you talk to her. Classes with Pam and Gayle were what I looked forward to the most every year at Art Continuum. I never hear anything about Gayle--is she still around and OK?

Rumor has it that Gayle just got married and moved to a farm! After her husband died she just dropped out of

her old life so I am happy to hear that there is a happy ending.

I will be repeating our workshop series next summer and I am hoping Pam can fit it into her summer schedule.

Both of her kids are getting married next summer.

I do have a commitment from Keith Lobue and Michael deMeng for next summer.

Good to hear from you!



For some reason I cannot comment on your blog, but I want you to know that I really loved your story about

the refugee and the fruit. So touching.

Thanks for commenting!


Golly you got a LOT done in a week! I've never made a book, or attempted it, not a real book like those so it seems so wild to me that you can MAKE such finished looking books. I may have to try my hand at it some day. There are a lot of arty crafty things piling up in my "some day" pile but I always think it's better to have too many to try than nothing at all, hahaha.
My favorite book is the tall skinny looking one with the fabulous green spine.Really great colour choices. I see it's a note pad book, it's really pretty.
Looks like it was a productive fun book week!

Love them! Are there kits available? I must have them

so pretty.You are a good teacher. Lucky student!

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