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Thursday, 11 August 2011


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I LOVE these! You must have the best looking booth in that mall! Say...you don't happen to have a number 3 in there, do you? :-)

Oh how lovely!!!

Since I have been in Bus Transportation for iver 26 years, I love those signs. I love to see how you have displayed them. Cool!

The transportation signs are cool. I wonder if the original creators of them, the people who designed the number ones or the destination ones had any idea they'd be art for walls some day. That's pretty wild, we just have no idea what people in the future will be hanging up as art on their walls...
Love the tour of your booth too, it looks very full and inviting for a closer look.

I agree with Judi. You guys put a lot of hard work in making your booth stand out, and it works. Your displays are very eye-catching, and it's very attractive to customers.

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