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Sunday, 25 September 2011


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I hope that John is well soon!

EEk. I hope John mends quickly.

YIKES!!!! I had kidney stones back in April, and it was NOT fun. I was never in so much pain, EVER!!! I was scared, too. I hope that John is better soon and the neph tube comes out. John, don't be crabby. It will be better soon. Kisses!!!!

Sending well wishes to John. Hope he's back up and at it soon.

Sending healing thoughts to John, and hang in there thoughts to you!

I hope he continues to mend...and to maybe be less grumpy (but who wouldn't be?).

Hope John is back on his feet soon!

HOPE John is feeling better soon and back to making art and making our Ginny happy. How painful those must have been. HUGS!!!

Ginny, I'm glad John is on the mend and not feeling any pain. Take care.

I meant to write sooner and say I hope John heals speedily and is feeling better.
Sounds like a painful procedure but I bet better for the long run.
The Jeff Goldbloom doppleganger story was funnnnnny, I can just imagine the wonder...is this for real? A joke? hahaha
Now I don't see this and neither does Alan, but some people Alan knew used to think he looked like Paul McCartney. We don't see it AT ALL, but one of the funniest moments I witnessed with him was when we were at a street fair and a vendor was selling homemade bread. A younger fellow and when Alan walked up and said he wanted a loaf the guy's face just froze. His eyes got really big and he just stared and stared for a second. It was so funny and he said, really slowly, "You look like Paul McCartney" and he said it with that question in his voice, ya know? hahaha
Anyways, it was funny, I am sure the dim street lights might have added to the moment but that guy's expression, a little hopeful, shocked...hahaha priceless.

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