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Saturday, 10 September 2011


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I really can't understand why they didn't go straight to 45 from 40 cents..... I don't care, within a few cents, what the price of a stamp is, but I surely don't like when I have to add more stamps on to make up the price! And for them to change the price every year or so..... Annoying.

I just bought a whole bunch of stamps (online, my favorite way to shop for them!), and it seems that the new first class stamps are all "forever."

I have thought they should do that for a while -- no more "make up" stamps.

I don't like to buy stamps in the post office -- there is always a line, and I hate to make someone wait while I look at all the choices. Online, I can take as long as I like, without making anyone wait, and then they only charge $1 for shipping!


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