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Thursday, 08 September 2011


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I'm really missing my Borders too! It was right down the street and loved stopping in and browsing for an hour or so.

I went into the Borders sale and it was as you describe. More like a store I wouldn't give 5 min too. In my area they have always been 2nd to B&N, which is now sadly, the only book store in town. If there's another one in Annapolis, I'd be glad to hear!

Love those signs you're making.

You totally captured my feelings about our local Borders closing (in Northern VA). I had a hard time visiting and seeing the chaos. I love your blog and hearing about your adventures in "retirement."

I worked in the Borders here in Long Beach, CA for five years. It was a fun place to work back then. We opened the store and it was quite the experience starting from the beginning. It is so sad to see them all closing. I miss them. I love physical book stores. I love to touch and feel before I purchase books.

Borders was our home-town, local bookstore. We are so sad to be without it, now, and sad for people we've known for decades who are out of jobs.

I couldn't bear to go in, at the end.

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