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Sunday, 16 October 2011


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Oh very exciting for family to come to you! I know the feeling well. Seeing as how all of my family are in Canada it makes so much more sense for us to go visit them but when my brother was able to visit US a couple years ago, thrilling! Not just to see him but show him our life, where we were living, a slice of our world if you will.
It's nice both ways of course and any contact is better than none but there are such home-y aspects of getting a chance to be the host.
Your hutch is lovely. It glows in that way REAL wood does, I can tell you love it and have taken great care of it.
I agree about the histories and stories of pieces or places, it would be so fun if people did that, had a little book that accompanied a piece and could even be added to. Might be a good thing to start eh? :)

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