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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


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Woohoo!! We are loving these posts.
I must admit some of my favorite parts in fiction books I have read are when the main character is opening an art store or a bakery or whatnot and for several chapters the author delves into the details that involves and all the things the character needs to do. I have often joked to Alan that I could read an entire book of just that stuff, something very satisfying about getting to "witness" the making of a shop of some sort.
I realize it's work but it's still fascinating.
I've been sharing with Alan the stuff you guys are doing to get the store ready. We tried to imagine price tagging 5000 sheets of art paper... we were both stumped...we wondered if each piece needs tagged or groups...our brains were working that one over for a while earlier today. :)
I especially love these peeks into the boxes you have for photos today! Mysterious and exciting and full of intriguing looking goodies.
Thanks for answering my question about gathering inventory. :)
Looking forward to the next update.

Excitement builds!

Can't wait till the new store opens. It's exciting. I especially can't wait till the workshops begin and we can spend days making art together again.

Christmas every day for you now! even tho it comes with some work. I bet you both are lovin' it.

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