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Wednesday, 16 November 2011


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Ooh! Congratulations on your latest veture. May it prosper and grow.

How exciting! You always seemed to enjoy your role as shopkeeper so I'm sure this new venture with John by your side will be very satisfying.
I'm so happy that I'm back in town now! Looking forward to hearing all of the details.

Oh, that is such fabulous news!!!! I hope I can figure out a way to come for classes. Yippee!

Oh wow!!! That is so exciting! Look at all that space just waiting to be transformed. I can only imagine how cool this is going to look with you and John behind the helm. Have fun setting it up, can't wait to see the results!

Wishing you heaps of good fortune! 'Tis a pity that....what I'm sure will be a must see store.... will be so far away from where I am in the U.K.!!!
xoxo Sioux

OMG!!!! Now I will have somewhere to go on Saturday mornings, instead of wandering the streets asking random people if they've got ink!!!!! LOL
Congratulation John & Ginny....I can't wait to see what you have come up with this time. I am sure it will be fabulous!!!

now we can hang out at CHA again! I am so excited for you, we'll have a lot of talking to do soon.
congrats to you and john!

Congrats Ginny and John!! I knew that you were not content with only an online store - the synergy that comes with the gathering of like minds is what happens in your brick and mortar ventures. I'll make a trip down to visit.


You must be over the top with this new project! I've gotta come west now!

WOW what great news!!!!

Ooooooooh Ginny I am so happy for you and John. I know you've spoken so fondly of the store you used to have and missed it a lot. I think it's so cool that if running a physical store is what your heart desires, you went for it.
SO inspiring!!
I wish you lots of luck and am looking forward to following along on your blog as you progress.
Any thoughts on when you'll be opening?
Congratulations again :)

Tres cool! I can only imagine how much fun the two of you are going to have!!
Erin in Morro Bay

Ginny, that is awesome! I tried to figure out where it is. Westlake? Rocky River? Is that a Mitchell's ice cream I see in the background?

Yippeee! What wonderful news Ginny for you and for John, but most of all, for all of us in NE Ohio who have missed your Creative Block days! I am so excited! Best of luck to you both - given your talents and creative spirit and now all of John's added to the mix it can't help but be a huge success!

YAY !!!

Congratulations to you both & see you soon !
It's been an awful dry spell !

Congrats! Can't wait to hear and see more.

Congrats! I am sooo happy for you guys! Wish I was closer.

It was only a matter of time!!
Wishing you lots of luck and success and hope sometime to come and visit

Congratulations!!!! Wonderful!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
When are you opening? I'm sooo excited! I kept hoping you would change your mind and open another store! I can't wait!!!!!!
Do I dare dream the return of the Art Continuum????
Congrats to you!

Oh I can't wait! How exciting! I was just at The Morgan yesterday and Susan, Bruce and I were just talking about how excited we are about the upcoming workshops you're doing and wondered where you were having them. Now we know. :-)

Looking forward to checking out your new store. Didn't you once tell me I'm a shopkeeper's dream? ;-)

Fabulous! Where is it?? Are you staying in Avon Lake????? Can't wait for summer workshops to be posted!!

Too cool!!! Congratulations!
Can't wait to see the workshop schedule - I WILL make it to at least one in 2012!!

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