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Monday, 05 December 2011


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Gift certificates to your store! There...all done. :-)

oh, boy!

I say it's time to hit up the gift cards!!! That way, it's never the wrong size or the wrong color. Either that or buy everyone bacon tree ornaments from Archie McPhee.

Its been so fun to follow you around on this adventure. Thank you so much for sharing. I think you are so brave for opening a shop in the economy climate.We must push on right? When everything grinds to a halt then we know we are in trouble. lol! deb

It seems like there are always setbacks with projects like this. Best of luck and we look forward to watching your journey. Let us know if we can help with any kind of display fixtures for your store too.

I-pad, yes!

Check out auctions for the chairs. Also some non-profit groups sell off or give away their surplus when they get new stuff donated.
I got all the heavy duty office chairs (20)I had in my studio for less than $100. They were the nice padded ones on wheels. They were sold as one lot and no one wanted that many so I got them supre cheap. Love the photos and the updates!!!!

Man the room just looks enormous with the "race track" gone. I saw the photo in the next post with the wall but still had that open, big space feel. Blank Canvas! :)
ipad based cash register system sounds coooooool. We love our ipad, never heard of them being used as a cash register thingy before though. Something for me to go Google when I leave here, I've heard of them being used as menus in restaurants.
Thanks for these updates, especially kind of you since I know you must be crazy busy. :)

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