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Wednesday, 04 January 2012


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I love the idea of making the entrance to the classroom area special looking! I bet you shoppers will see that and it'll make them want to get to go through the fancy, decorated doorway and be a part of the creativity happening back there too. :)
It must be very satisfying to think up those special details like that and then make them happen.
The soon to be all black table is gorgeous too, plus I will stick that word, apron, in my head. I am sure I've heard of it before to describe that part of a table but it hadn't stuck, perfect word for it if you think about the legs poking beneath the apron and all, haha. It's coming along great.
Funny coincidence one of my brothers is currently in Afghanistan. His second time there, comes home in February I believe. He's with the Canadian military, world sure is small at times huh?
I am sure your son will come home safely as well but I understand the small worry. :)

Sending blessings to your son. He will be ok. Poor mama.

Perfect classroom entry! It's going to make everyone want to take a peek inside, and I can hear laughter coming out of that room already! good times ahead!
You're welcome to send a handful of snow down here... you have a gorgeous driveway!

I love how your personal style is so much a part of this. And all this goodness is WithOut the inventory! It will make us swoon when you post pictures of all the goodies to come.
This store only needs one thing - a bed and breakfast out back, cause no one will want to leave!

Son is fine, I just checked. I love the table, so cool. Everything is going in the right direction. You are so happy with the progress, I can hear it in your voice.

Wow! Is that your house in the background of the driveway photo? Its gorgeous!

I just love cubby holes! I know that it is your display case but anything with cubby holes my mind just starts racing with things to put in the cubbies. LOL

I will many thoughts for your sons safe return! deb

ah, quintessential G style - the classroom beckons beyond a strange and wondrous portal; nooks and crannies appear on command to hold all manner of mysteries....probably need to add some wet naps near the doors to wipe the drool from patron's faces...! Looks so good.

thinking of you, your son and family

Everyone look marvelous darling. Enjoy!!! One day I hope to come see you.

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