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Saturday, 18 February 2012


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how is it going with the teesha and tracy classes so far are they filled up yet?

Hi Jude,
Since registration just started, none of the classes are filled. We are getting registrations every day, so don't delay too long.
Thanks for asking.

Just beware on Pinterest..you will suddenly see an hour or a day disappear!

I haven't been on Pinterest much, just recently an online friend sent me a link but just haven't had a chance to get addicted..er...browse around it yet. :)
I've been too busy claying and getting my fill of British sitcoms so that I can yell things like "care for some egg and chip and a swift half" to Alan at lunch time... haha
But seriously I do mean to go get familiarized with all the Pinterest going ons.
Your classroom area is HUGE! Like so muh bigger than I had realized, furniture has a way of making you see the space differently. It's going to make for some awesome artist get togethers.
I can totally understand too how the allure of those wide open shining table tops would whisper at you to fill them.....
I hadn't thought of that aspect of having your own classroom area, the danger of so much free space...haha Course on a more practical, serious note it would be soooo handy for you in between classes to work on larger scale projects if you had an urge...love that.

WOW Ginny. It is soo nice and to have a mat on each table - soooo cool!!! Congrats on the new store - hope to visit it in the future.

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