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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


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Last night we decided to take the kids to the park just before dark, and there on a tree was hanging the most beautiful piece of art, with such an appropriate message, (live out loud) with a clock and beautiful flowers, it brought tears to my eyes, I feel so lucky to have found this beautiful work of art, how can it get better than that? Thank you!!!

what a lovely surprise! I was working at the /Belleville Public Library and a patron brought me a package that she had found on a book shelf....fearful of surprises, secrets and delights(oh my!) she passed the small package on to me....lucky me! inside I found a tiny precious box with precious contents....like a valentine that has been lost for years and now has arrived in my life.rose petals, pins and the tiniest stone like a fairy's egg...and a note: "my silly heart is yours"

thanks for the random joy!!!

I found one of your packages at the Eagles in Bozeman MT...thank you for the random joy

Found a painting in riverparks inlightend my day and proud to display it thanks dj

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