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Wednesday, 13 June 2012


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This will henceforth be served at all of my formal holiday dinners. Thank you,Ginny. You have once again inspired me

Two things wrong with this - worms -yuck! and Jello - double yuck!! LOL!!
Erin in Morro Bay

OK now that is a super cute idea! Who knew you could use straws for worm molds? They are just perfect for the job!

Those are SPECTACULARLY awesome in the grossest way possible!!! Love them, I love that you can use straws...I have some...hmmmm...I have gelatin...hmmmmm...
Seriously cool idea, glad you shared it because I know our life will be better for having edible gelatin worms in it!
I bet you could easily skip the food colouring and use natural juices to get a good earth wormy colour too. The last gelatin I made was pomegranate juice and orange juice and it made a muddy purplish colour like the worms above...only we ate it boring style...just scooped up lumps....

These are FABULOUS Ginny!My youngest son,(now 30+) loved every creepy crawly creature imaginable. He raised all manner of bugs, slugs, and spiders. His birthday parties always entailed gross concoctions. We will celebrate birthdays in a couple of weeks and this will be on the menu. And I'll be taking a package of straws and Jello when I fly out to Victoria to visit the West Coast grandchildren later this week. Thanks Ginny!

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