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Thursday, 12 July 2012


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I would love it if you would provide the names of the original artists for the products you are displaying instead of complaining that Tim Holtz name is on them. I would guess that you are the only one besides the original artists who knows who really designed them.

How does he or whomever produces these products get away with stealing the credit away from those who it really is BY?

And keep complaining! Stealing isn't nice or kind and shouldn't be treated with a blind eye. Shame on those who get credit for others hard work.

The names of the artists were posted early this morning by me on Tim Holtz's Pinterest page where he lists CHA 2012 new stuff.

Glad that you are posting original names. Yep, it's the "by" Tim Holtz that is annoying.

Bravo Ginny....I love that you went onto Pinterest and stated who the artists are for each image....the labelling on Pinterest is even more confusing.....it states they are Tim Holtz for Stampers Anonymous...if that doesn't give the impression they are his images I don't know what does!

the real issue here is that these images are no longer being used by Stampers Anon who seems to own them.

They have now jumped onto other products and with another company that the original artists never consented to. Not to mention the fact that the original artists are not given credit.

Even if Stampers Anon bought all copyrights to the artists images, then they are theirs to use and not Tim's. So these eclips cartridges should be by "stampers anon classics" and not "by tim holtz"

Ginny - please list the artists in an a post with their images. it is hard to find on pinterest.

The company certainly needs to fix this. I don't know the legality since they acquired Stampers Anonymous, so perhaps they have the rights to market and distribute? Should still give credit to the artists and not label them as by Tim. Tim is a great guy; I doubt it was his idea. Maybe if he was "endorsing" the images because he loves and uses them.....?

Thanks for doing this, Ginny. If you need any support, let me know.

Tim is also a very smart business man so he should have known better than to use an artists image which is not in the public domain.

the use of them in the SA Classics collection is questionable with Tim's name on it but seems it would go within the rights of SA to use those images however they want, if they did indeed by the copyrights to them.

I wonder if any of the original artists would be willing to reveal their contract situation with SA. If all rights were sold. or if it was a handshake deal. or something else?

now that the images are being used on Sizzix products it seems to be becoming a bigger problem.

For Tim's stamps he seems to use public domain and copyright free images so I think he's well aware of what is ok and is not OK to use.

Re-purposing of artists images without their consent is not a good idea ever.

So, in other words, the new Stampers Anonymous owners thought that by using the name of Mister Money Maker Tim Holtz, (stealer of so many other artists techniques, ideas and designs), they could all make themselves a little more cash. Well...I guess integrity isn't part of that game plan.
I don't hear anyone involved in that little deception saying " No...this just doesn't seem right"

I am a former employee of both Ginny and Ted. I designed a handful of stamps for both of them. Ginny bought the designs outright from me and they then became hers to do with as she wished. When I worked for Ted, he gave me a choice of buying the designs for a set price, or I could get a commission off each stamp sold forever. I chose the commission, and even though I have not worked for them for a few years, I still get a check every quarter. I know that Tim received a commission on each stamp of his that was sold. I would hope that he wasn't getting anything for the "Classics". That just wouldn't be right.

He should know better It saddens me that the talent artist who did do these arent getting the recognition,

I'm wondering if Tim is going to buy out SA? That might make it legal for him to say that all the stamp sets were issued "by TH"? It is an interesting mystery!!!

You are not confused

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