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Sunday, 19 August 2012


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Great Halloween goodies! The antique-y colour palette with pops of purple is verrrry appealing.
The first photo with the crate boxes being painted or just painted made me realize you have access to your big classroom area to work on store projects, that is brilliant!!!!
I guess I am assuming you worked on them there. but either way you have the option.

If you did work on them in the store was it during the day so customers could wander by and see what was what? I always like those sort of booths set up at craft fairs or where ever where someone is actively working on some project or craft or whatever.
anyhoo, cool post, Halloween is just around the corner...

Tracey, we do use the classroom to work on our store projects and customers do wander back and peep.
Thanks for the great comment, as always.

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