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Tuesday, 30 October 2012


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Oh Ginny...here in Parma, we had the electricity go out a few times, but luckily it came back on & eventually stayed on. I'm so sorry to hear of your damage. I didn't sleep all night as it sounded as if our roof would blow off...but we're lucky that we didn't have the damage others have experienced. I was able to call some of my friends back east & found out they have weathered the storm.

My heart goes out to all who are struggling with the damage...including YOU & John. Here's hoping your power gets restored soon.

They were showing Lake Erie on the news yesterday, so I had a feeling you were headed for trouble. So sorry about your basement. I know it's just "things", but the mental effort for the clean up is exhausting. Funny, I have been more affected by hurricanes since I've lived in Kentucky (leftover winds, etc) than I ever was when I lived near Galveston! Hang tough, lady. I know you and John are strong! An adventure for sure.
Pat P.

hoping power is restored soon...the camping out aspect loses appeal quickly. Hang in there

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