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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


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I agree 100%, speaking both as a workshop junkie and as a teacher. I take workshops to learn new techniques that I can apply to my own work (and to hang out with fun people for a day or two). Simple techniques and designs are one thing — I'm not the first to stamp letters into sterling silver discs or stack up pieces of enameled copper — but elaborate projects are another.

I once had a student contact me and want a private repeat of the workshop I had taught so she could turn around and teach it herself. Oh, and could I give her the file so she could print out my handouts? And she hadn't even mastered the technique!

Then there are the people who will stand in your booth and grill you about your suppliers while minutely examining or even taking pictures of a piece!

Some people will just never get it.

I too agree that people should not teach classes exactly like the workshop they took. I always encourage my students to make personally authentic art- It's one thing to copy a technique but what can you do with it that reflects you?

Art that is copied has no spirit.

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